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Dino-Tuff Research & Development LLC is a US based company that builds and sources easy to use and affordable gear that is priced for the working Family. Not over valued-overrated claims that take time to disprove. Gear that does what we say it was designed for, gear that will do what you need it, out of the box!

Our outlook is simple... we believe it is a basic right to be able to record one’s family, friends and life events without having to save for months or longer while missing the action! We only go around once and memories and photos fade and may be lost forever.

Know that we also strive to be the very best that we can be 24/6 and you may call us old fashion however; we do not work on Sundays. If the lord needs a day off to reflect well... so should we.
We make our gear and our services the best in quality possible, all while being more affordable for all to own and use!

Lastly, know that at Dino-Tuff we are all accountable for our actions or our inaction's, and we stand firm, proud and are ready to serve you!

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     We need to thank you all for your service and sacrifices. We understand that this is only a small way for us to say thank you for what you do best!

You will always receive a discount at Dino-Tuff and there will always be free shipping within the USA for you…we thank you!


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